Program Management


We provide program management services to help you gain clarity and consistency across your project portfolio.  As the number of projects grows within an organization, there is a tendency for individual projects to be siloed within the group that is managing it. This can lead to significant differences in project execution, management, communications, reporting, and change management across the organization. 

Our Program Management service tends to be more strategic in nature as it requires both review of projects and workstreams at the tactical level but also encompasses developing a long-term, organization-wide plan to install coordination and cosistency across the set of projects in the company.

Our approach covers the following high level tasks:

  • evaluate your organization’s current and planned projects 
  • review your existing process controls for change management, project management, QA, and other related SOPs and work instructions
  • assess how current projects are managing workstream and task allocation and tracking, scheduling dependencies, metrics, reporting, and prioritization
  • develop and socialize a plan for common practices of project management
  • create step-wise plan to move the company to a program/portfolio management process that enables high visibility, scorecard prioritization and tracking, consistent communication methods and channels, and enables clarity in change management and continuous process improvement