About Us

Driftpin Consulting is a life sciences consultancy, located in the Philadelphia, PA area (Northeast US). We specialize in life science technology engagements and bring value by ‘right-sizing’ our solution. We bring a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to our engagements, focused on ensuring we meet our client’s business needs. By melding tactical, hands-on expertise with a strategic perspective gained over the course of many projects, we bring both execution delivery and consultative advisement.

All of the personnel we bring onto projects are seasoned professionals who have seen and done a wide variety of projects and apply those learnings to challenges your particular initiative presents.

Although we are based in the United States, we engage with clients and vendors globally. We specialize in working with business clients, their IT groups, and life science technology vendors. On the one hand, we understand the business objectives and the attendant processes and, on the other, we are comfortable discussing requirements, design, coding, and testing. We bring value by working “in the middle there”,  enabling and ensuring clear communications between business and IT. This sets clear and consistent expectations for all stakeholders. A